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Build land 03

This is what building on your kingdom's land looks like

Beginner GuideEdit

First you will need to create a new account by either downloading the KaW app on the App Store/Android Market with your iPod/iPhone/Android or by going on in the KaW website and clicking log in.

The TutorialEdit

Complete the totorial. Sell the non-spy building. Go to WC (world chat) and asked to be volleyed to 3bill (volleying is any number of players buying you again and again). Then buy 9 more lands. You will have unlocked Tier 2 buildings. Build a Beastiery and War Cathedrils and/or Forges. Every 5 lands or so, build a guild and upgrade to level 3 straight away. Do this till LC (land complete). Reset for the acheivements if wanted.

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